My Weekend Trip To Northern California Part 2 – Hofsas House


After having an amazing time in Palo Alto at the Clement, it was time for part two of my adventure. I drove an hour and a half to the sweet town of Carmel also known as Carmel By The Sea. Carrie, the owner of the Hofsas House, graciously invited me, to stay and explore Carmel. Being from German descendent (my mum is from Germany and my dad is from Costa Rica) the Hofsas House, with its German touches immediately made me feel at home. The charming rooms were perfect to take a load off after walking around the town. I enjoyed watching the sunsets from the shared balcony space on the second level. 

This small town is a picture right out of a storybook, with its cute homes and boutique hotels dotted around. If a fairy had popped out of a flower I would not have been surprised at all. Every square inch of this town is packed with locally owned restaurants, art galleries, and fashion boutiques. One would need a full week to fully experience each and every store. Obviously, I stopped in numerous art galleries and shops including Dawn’s Dream, a family owned wine tasting room.

The real highlight of Carmel is obviously the sea! It was quite a windy day when I visited but even so, it was gorgeous.

Live Free

I highly recommend driving “17-Mile Drive,” which is a scenic path through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. Along the drive, there are unparalleled views of the ocean, cute places to stop for a picnic, golf courses, and views of mega-mansions that are way out of my tax bracket. My personal goal was to find sea lions, unfortunately, I found none maybe they were hiding.

Make sure to bring walking shoes here, Carmel is situated on a steep hill. There is even a law outlawing people from wearing shoes which are over two inches high because of the uneven pavements.

Hofsas House

Thank you so much to Carrie and the Hofsas House for hosting my stay. The soothing sound of the sea was the perfect way to end my three-day weekend in Northern California.


Tell Carrie, “Hi” for me if you decide to visit!


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