Monkee’s of Fredericksburg Top 5 Summer Looks

When I was young the trip to the mall was always a major experience, especially since my Mum loathed going. Malls were packed with all my favorite stores carrying the latest styles. That is until online shopping took over, now the majority of my shopping is done online. Particularly because majority of stores either do not have want I want, do not have my size in stock size, or let’s be honest, it is simpler to shop from the comfort of your bed. There are however certain drawbacks to shopping online from finding the perfect size, because the size charts on sites always vary. One website told me I needed a 3XL dress because of my hips, FYI I am typically a size 10 in everything. The other drawback is sometimes I have a question that a short product description does not answer, and product reviews can be taken with a grain of salt. Denim pants with a 5 star rating, does not tell me if the pants have a real good stretch for a curvy girl with a small waist.

Well ladies, I might have just solved all of our shopping problems. Let me introduce, Monkees’s of Fredericksburg. A cute boutique situated in charming downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. This store carries an array of brands like Kate Spade, Karlie, Hudson, Tory Burch, Bauble Bar, and Frye just to name a few. If you are a local to Fredericksburg or surrounding areas, it is worth a trip to check out the store. The Monkee’s team can literally dress you head to toe in a killer outfit plus add on accessories and an amazing handbag to finish the look. You will definitely need a bigger closet after leaving this store. Now before you cry out, “ But Lindsey, I don’t live close to Fredericksburg, Virginia!” Monkee’s has solved that problem too, in a very unique way. All customers can view the store’s assortment of products from their website. From there give them a call, and the team will actually be able to answer all your questions prior to purchasing. It’s like having a personal stylist at a your beckoning. With their help it takes the guesswork out of shopping; no longer do you have to Google what is your European size equivalent, or ponder if a pant has adequate stretch. Wait, it gets better; they actually answer their social media inquiries! Follow them on social media and you can directly ask them a question, have them hold the product, you can then pay over the phone, and they will ship it directly to your house. Now, what I really love about Monkee’s, if they do not have your size they will call the brand and special order it. “ Hello Tory, Is that you? Yes, I will need that bootie in an 8.5.”

I was lucky enough to collaborate with Monkee’s and pick out my top five favorite outfits for summer. Click through the slideshow and find great summer outfit inspirations. Then head to Monkee’s of Fredericksburg to create your summer wardrobe! Live to far, not a problem, email, slide in their DM’s on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, or send them a smoke signal and the team will help curate your look. Just joking about the smoke signal, but they probably would answer that fashion call too.

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  1. This literally looks like an ad for a magazine. Love the looks and how you styled them.